22/01 21:10

Ico photo

88% об’єктів передані у комунальну власність громад – оновлені дані Мінрегіону

22/01 20:39

Як передати шкільні автобуси громадам

22/01 12:49

Human Resources Management at hromadas – a questionnaire by NCSA

22/01 12:02

Establishing local fiscal bodies is an important condition of hromadas functioning

22/01 09:06

Safe, comfortable and attractive. How «Best practices» are changing national hromadas life

Волинська область

21/01 19:37

Dragging on the property transfer is beneficial neither for hromadas, nor for rayons – the MinRegion has held online-meetings with regions

21/01 18:32

Certain issues of managing commercial communal unitary enterprises, established by the hromada council: video–classes on managing hromada communal property

21/01 11:15

Due to reorganization, Rayon State Administration heads will receive letters of employment termination, - the President’s order

21/01 08:55

Integration of tax services at ASCs – an executive summary

20/01 20:32

On property and ownership rights transfer from territorial hromada common proprietorship

20/01 17:44

It is unacceptable for rayons and hromadas to delay in property transfer, - online-meetings with regions are going on at the MinRegion

20/01 14:29

January, 29 – the consultative dialogue «Team Cooperation: Transformation and Development of Regional Networks of Health Care Establishments»

20/01 14:00

January, 25 – a webinar on changes of the educational subvention distribution formula and its application peculiarities

19/01 12:53

January, 21- presentation of the CANactions School SPACES programme outcomes

Івано-Франківська область

18/01 17:29

96% of local budgets have been approved – data by the Ministry of Finances

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Every village or city resident has the right to modern healthcare and education, accessible and high-quality administrative, communal, social services, good roads, clean and illuminated streets. Though people can influence the quality of these services only when those responsible for providing them are located nearby. Local self-government bodies, i.e. village, town, city councils and their executive committees, are the closest authorities to people. Therefore, they should have broad powers and sufficient funds to be able to resolve all local issues and bear responsibility for it.

For this purpose, decentralisation takes place in Ukraine – the powers and funds are being transferred from the state authorities to local self-government bodies, thus, as close to people as possible.

The reform has been implemented since 2014 and has already achieved some results you can get acquainted with HERE

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