24/09 16:06

The MinRegion will improve the legislation the population self-organisation bodies are guided by. Those concerned support it

24/09 10:39

On establishing starosta districts and approving starostas within the latest legislation amendments

23/09 18:03

How a municipality can influence the library development: creating supervisory boards

23/09 16:08

Ico photo

Round table “Administrative-territorial set-up: new realities and rules”

23/09 13:44

Each municipality has received a sketch map free of charge thanks to the initiative by the MinRegion and OSCE project Coordinator in Ukraine

23/09 13:23

Public discussion of the school network changes – what is worth knowing. Part 2

23/09 11:40

Six literacies for a radical social transition

23/09 11:06

Publicizing geospatial and meta data at the national geoportal by local self-government bodies - recommendations

22/09 15:42

The MinRegion plans to clearly specify communal property issues in the law. Propositions are expected from those concerned

22/09 15:24

Powers of oblast and rayon state administrations: bill №4298 has been repeatedly sent for the Parliament to consider in the second reading (+infographics)

22/09 14:20

Training online-programme «Steps for financial experts 2021» by U-LEAD

22/09 14:10

Enlistment of participants of an online-visit to municipalities of the south-east Europe within the Female Mayors School Programme

22/09 12:03

October, 4-20 – the fourth wave of online-trainings for starostas. The registration has started

22/09 10:14

143 municipalities have already obtained a subvention to develop an ASC network

21/09 17:53

The MinRegion has agreed legislation draft amendments, differentiating powers of local self-government bodies of all levels

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Every village or city resident has the right to modern healthcare and education, accessible and high-quality administrative, communal, social services, good roads, clean and illuminated streets. Though people can influence the quality of these services only when those responsible for providing them are located nearby. Local self-government bodies, i.e. village, town, city councils and their executive committees, are the closest authorities to people. Therefore, they should have broad powers and sufficient funds to be able to resolve all local issues and bear responsibility for it.

For this purpose, decentralisation takes place in Ukraine – the powers and funds are being transferred from the state authorities to local self-government bodies, thus, as close to people as possible.

The reform has been implemented since 2014 and has already achieved some results you can get acquainted with HERE