13/07 18:00

У Мінсоцполітики обговорили питання модернізації системи соціальної підтримки населення

13/07 16:37

20% vs 3% - expenditures of local self-government to prepare for heating season

13/07 15:14

How to eliminate decentralisation risks: EU experience and lessons

13/07 13:42

Successful cases of Malopolskie Voivodeship

Програма DOBRE

13/07 13:15

Ефект розбитого вікна: Як Дунаєвецька ОТГ здобуває титул найчистішої громади України

Хмельницька область Проект DESPRO

13/07 12:01

If Parliament does not vote for CEC composition, then in autumn tens of thousands of AH residents will come to its walls, — Hennadii Zubko

12/07 15:53

The purpose is to make local self-government more efficient, the goal is to improve living standards of people

11/07 15:53

ANNOUNCEMENT! Vinnytsia Oblast media representatives invited to participate in DESPRO debates on “Why Should Hromadas Amalgamate?”

Вінницька область Проект DESPRO

11/07 15:30

Ico photo

Parliamentary Committee recommended Verkhovna Rada to adopt draft law on principles of administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine

11/07 14:17

11 AHs to receive grants to develop environmentally friendly means of transportation

11/07 13:47

MinRegion shared good news for hromadas

11/07 13:37

Prime Minister: 387 thousand hectares of land outside settlements have already been transferred to the ownership of 251 AHs

11/07 13:01

Another 288 regional development projects for UAH 1.8 billion are approved, - Hennadii Zubko

11/07 12:30

Government approved draft law on ratification of Agreement on Financing the Danube Transnational Programme – Hennadii Zubko

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Every village or city resident has the right to modern healthcare and education, accessible and high-quality administrative, communal, social services, good roads, clean and illuminated streets. Though people can influence the quality of these services only when those responsible for providing them are located nearby. Local self-government bodies, i.e. village, town, city councils and their executive committees, are the closest authorities to people. Therefore, they should have broad powers and sufficient funds to be able to resolve all local issues and bear responsibility for it.

For this purpose, decentralisation takes place in Ukraine – the powers and funds are being transferred from the state authorities to local self-government bodies, thus, as close to people as possible.

The reform has been implemented since 2014 and has already achieved some results you can get acquainted with HERE

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