Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Hromadas


Local self-government bodies, concerned about the effective use of resources, are actively implementing energy-efficient measures: they insulate the facades and roofs of communal buildings (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.), replace the doors and windows with energy-saving ones, install heating systems on alternative fuel, use modern lighting etc.

This allows reducing energy consumption, and thus saving local budget money. In addition, the use of energy-saving mechanisms in the hromada also fosters residents to economise and use resources reasonably, as well as improves hromada’s attractiveness, its investment climate, and allows the hromada to raise additional funds.

But where can the hromada take money from to implement energy-efficient measures? How exactly can the state, business, international partners help? How to start, how to prepare and implement an energy efficiency project? What success stories can cities and villages already share? The “Energy Efficiency in Hromadas” section, created by us with the support of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, is dedicated to these and other issues.

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