Health Care Sector

Health Care Sector


The schedule for reforming the health care funding system and other major changes to take place in the health care industry in 2017-2020 provides for the following:

1.    Introduction of a new financing model for the primary care
2.    Establishment of fundamental legal principles for a new health care financing system. 
3.    Establishment of a sole national health care customer. 
4.    Establishment of a uniform electronic health information exchange system. 
5.    Review of unified clinical protocols for a list of the most widespread medical circumstances and simplification of requirements to paper-and-pencil reporting in health care institutions. 
6.    Introduction of a new financing model for secondary care and tertiary care. Starting from 2018, the new model is to be introduced in all institutions providing hospital care. 
7.    In the first half of 2017, it is planned to approve the cost analysis methods (cost of health care services) at the health care institutions. 
8.    Establishment of hospital districts. 
9.    Introduction of the national medicines reimbursement system for a definite list of medical circumstances. 
10.  Independence of publicly funded health care institutions. 

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