Cooperation of Hromadas


Cities and villages have a range of issues that are difficult to solve on their own. For instance, collection, disposal and recycling of waste, provision of high-quality centralised water supply and sewage, roads’ repair and cleaning, organisation of passenger transportation, maintenance of fire safety brigades etc.

It is easier to solve them in cooperationcombining funds and efforts with the neighbouring hromadas that are also interested in it.

The mechanism of such intermunicipal consolidation is envisaged by the Law “On Cooperation of Hromadas”, adopted in 2014.

Since then, hundreds of hromadas have improved the quality of services provided on their territory by concluding cooperation agreements.

The list of agreements on cooperation of hromadas is available HERE

Now that there is a successful experience, this mechanism becomes even more popular.

The section covers practical recommendations, best practices, monitoring and news on hromadas’ cooperation in Ukraine.

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