Khersonska oblast

Area square km sq.: 28461 km 2

Population: 1027913

Regions size: 5

Number of communities: 49

Number of settlements: 698

KATOTTG: UA65000000000030969

How Askania-Nova wants to become a Ukrainian tourist giant
Херсонська область
16 September 2021 - 13:31
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An up-to-date square, re-equipment of schools and a kindergarten – victories and challenges of Hola Prystan
Херсонська область
10 September 2021 - 13:16
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Success of the Chaplynka municipality: seven stadiums, a skate-park and an up-to-date ASC
Херсонська область
09 September 2021 - 13:03
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“Here in Ukraine, we are destroying what we didn’t have at home,” the head of the Stanislav municipality quoted the occupiers as saying
Херсонська область
21 May 2022 - 16:50
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“To wake up in the Kharkiv People’s Republic would be a fate worse than death.” An interview with the head of the Oleshky municipality
Херсонська область
27 April 2022 - 14:46
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“The people of Kakhovka want to show the world that they are Ukrainians and that they do not need to be ‘liberated’ from anyone.” Interview with Mayor of Kakhovka
Херсонська область
14 April 2022 - 12:48
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The oblast geo-informational portal has been presented in the Kherson oblast
Херсонська область
11 February 2022 - 09:56
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Municipalities of the Kherson oblast are being selected to participate in the project «To municipality development via creative project success»
Херсонська область Програма U-LEAD
19 January 2022 - 13:21
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