Administrative Service Centres

Administrative Service Centres


In the framework of decentralisation, capable communities have been granted with broader authorities, resources, and responsibility. The list of services which may be provided at the local level is being continuously expanded. Residents of the amalgamated communities are expecting the local authorities to provide convenient and high-quality administrative services. Therefore, it is important for each community to start providing these services to the residents as soon as possible.

Each amalgamated community should modern Administrative Service Centre - the only place which provide the most popular administrative services in comfortable environment.

This section gathers up-to-date information and recommendations provided by the experts regarding the establishment and operation of the Administrative Service Centres in the amalgamated communities. Also, here you can find the information about international projects providing technical assistance to improve the quality of administrative services provided to the residents.

More information on the Administrative Service Centres in the amalgamated communities can be found at the web-site of U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s Support to improved administrative service delivery and Facebook page TSNAP.ULEAD  

Within the framework of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, the Estonian e-Governance Academy is implementing the EGOV4UKRAINE project aimed at development of e-services for the population. More information:

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