Why are district councils unnecessary? Answers for the authorised
26 May 2020 - 16:57

Basic level administrative and territorial arrangement pillar: the Government has approved of the perspective plans of all the regions
27 May 2020 - 13:30
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District enlargement can’t prevent the hromada identity retention or exacerbate their culture and tradition development. There has been a meeting with the Ambassador of Bulgaria in the MinRegion
22 May 2020 - 18:45
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Local budgets: data for the first quarter of 2020
25 May 2020 - 11:41

Dissatisfaction with the perspective plans: the MinRegion has responded to the AHs Association stance
28 May 2020 - 19:10

Three main problems with the local elections, according to the State Election Commission
28 May 2020 - 16:45

Decentralisation in answers: What do the regions ask about?
27 May 2020 - 11:55

On bill 2679 (on the ASCs network)
25 May 2020 - 16:57

The Bulgarian parliament has been misled on purpose, - Vyacheslav Nehoda in his comment for the Dzerkalo Tyzhnya (Week Mirror)
Одеська область
22 May 2020 - 17:52

Decentralisation Digest at the RADA TV Channel – the Government has Approved of Perspective Plans of 21 Regions
22 May 2020 - 17:26

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