17/04 10:31

Ico photo

How can hromadas get funded for villages to be connected to the optic internet?

17/04 10:16

ASC of the Kiptivska hromada

Чернігівська область

16/04 15:11

Students enrollment for the webinar «The 2027 State Regional Development Strategy and the Possibilities Opened up for Regional and Local Development»

16/04 14:56

Alfred Nobel University (Dnipro) has started enrollment for the programme «Local self-government management for hromada leaders and local councils deputies of Ukraine»

Програма DOBRE

16/04 14:04

5 bills, vital for decentralization and hromada development (infographics)

16/04 11:56

The decentralisation issue has been discussed at the meeting of the Council of National Security and Defense

16/04 11:38

Khmelnytskyi has been awarded with the European Prize

Хмельницька область

16/04 09:39

Oleksiy Chernyshov: passing bill №4535 is an important step of decentralisation

15/04 19:13

Starosta institute development: the Verkhovna Rada has passed bill №4535

15/04 17:19

An important task of the MinRegion is to implement the next phase of decentralisation, - Oleksiy Chernyshov

15/04 16:16

Ico photo

Clarification of the land legislation and cooperation with the StateGeoCadastre: round tables to be held in the regions

15/04 16:13

30,5 million Euros for the professional education improvement and local self-government enhancement, - the Cabinet of Ministers has supported the bill on cooperation with the Government of Germany

15/04 15:49

The Council of Europe member states are interested in the Ukrainian decentralisation experience

15/04 14:40

Swedish waste treatment decisions: what experience can be applied in Ukraine? – a seminar on April, 22

15/04 10:12

How to pursue food procurements for educational establishments via Prozorro, a webinar on April, 16

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Every village or city resident has the right to modern healthcare and education, accessible and high-quality administrative, communal, social services, good roads, clean and illuminated streets. Though people can influence the quality of these services only when those responsible for providing them are located nearby. Local self-government bodies, i.e. village, town, city councils and their executive committees, are the closest authorities to people. Therefore, they should have broad powers and sufficient funds to be able to resolve all local issues and bear responsibility for it.

For this purpose, decentralisation takes place in Ukraine – the powers and funds are being transferred from the state authorities to local self-government bodies, thus, as close to people as possible.

The reform has been implemented since 2014 and has already achieved some results you can get acquainted with HERE