03/08 19:49

Для громад розробили зразки технічних завдань на розробку комплексного плану просторового розвитку

03/08 15:27

Чому громади мають внести зміни в Положення про конкурс на посаду директора школи, - коментар експерта

03/08 13:41

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has presented the Diya.Digital Municipality platform

03/08 12:00

Additional funding for infrastructure upgrade: the Danida Business Finance competition for municipality projects has started

02/08 13:57

Ico photo

«A new municipality site: why and how»: webinars for local self-government bodies representatives are starting on August, 5

02/08 11:57

Municipalities’ financial performance, - experts have created a dashboard

30/07 13:39

Ico photo

August, 26-28 - training «Decentralisation. Self-management. Self-realisation: how to implement new knowledge at school» (the registration is open)

30/07 11:11

Powerful municipalities are an important constituent of strengthening democracy in Ukraine, - professor Milbradt

30/07 09:48

Oleksandr Kornienko: the bill on local state administrations is ready to be considered

30/07 09:21

Peculiarities of strategic planning in health care in municipalities (part 1)

29/07 18:19

Six major tasks have been defined for decentralization to be successfully completed, - Oleksiy Chernyshov

29/07 15:41

In August commissions for resources and facilities inventory audit will be established in each municipality, - Vyacheslav Nehoda

29/07 14:59

The procedure for granting a subvention for municipality spatial development complex plans has been defined

29/07 12:17

Ico photo

Decentralisation in the Constitution: Vyacheslav Nehoda and Andreas Kiefer have discussed the reform important steps

29/07 12:03

The President has signed the law on the starosta institute development

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Every village or city resident has the right to modern healthcare and education, accessible and high-quality administrative, communal, social services, good roads, clean and illuminated streets. Though people can influence the quality of these services only when those responsible for providing them are located nearby. Local self-government bodies, i.e. village, town, city councils and their executive committees, are the closest authorities to people. Therefore, they should have broad powers and sufficient funds to be able to resolve all local issues and bear responsibility for it.

For this purpose, decentralisation takes place in Ukraine – the powers and funds are being transferred from the state authorities to local self-government bodies, thus, as close to people as possible.

The reform has been implemented since 2014 and has already achieved some results you can get acquainted with HERE