Local authorities’ transparence and accountability – December, 8: the platform presentation
02 December 2020 - 14:15

U-LEAD with Europe announces the call for projects on “Volunteering in hromadas
01 December 2020 - 10:33

The Discussion Communication and Crisis: How can Hromadas Counteract Challenges and Act Successfully under the Crisis Conditions and the presentation of a guidebook for hromadas
23 November 2020 - 17:42

Citizens’ Right to Initiate Legal Proposal On-line
10 November 2020 - 15:59

What cities and towns are the most democratic in Ukraine – the PROMIS project version
09 November 2020 - 15:29

Young and concerned: how do youth councils help hromadas during the pandemic
09 November 2020 - 14:45

How to apply local democracy tools under the quarantine - infographics
06 November 2020 - 14:09

How inclusive are e-democracy tools in Ukrainian cities
02 November 2020 - 14:57

Benefits and risks of e-voting and on-line voting
02 November 2020 - 11:32

Mariupol Development Fund’s project starts with the support of U-LEAD with Europe
Донецька область Програма U-LEAD
20 October 2020 - 16:04

The Roadmap of the Participatory Budget Introduction manual
01 October 2020 - 19:58

Consultations with the general public and stakeholders: methodical and practical recommendations
30 September 2020 - 18:36

A media-centre in the Terebovlya AH: Whу is it unique?
Тернопільська область Програма DOBRE
01 September 2020 - 18:24

Greenhouse Farms in the Vinnytsia Region: Young People with Disabilities Grow Flowers, Greens, Spices, Vegetables, and Seedlings
Вінницька область Партнерство для розвитку міст (ПРОМІС / PLEDDG)
20 August 2020 - 08:57
Ico photo

Stray pets: a hromada story
Київська область
14 August 2020 - 07:57

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