The Budget Superman, Cow and fairytale borsch: AHs from seven regions have prepared new Budgets for citizens

Assisted by experts of the Public Partnership «For Transparent Local Budgets!» within the USAID DOBRE Programme, the first AH of Ukraine showed their local budget expenditures and incomes in plain and comprehensive words. In 2018 these AHs developed and distributed an innovative tool of the budget information and citizens involvement in the budget process — Budget for Citizens. This year the experienced AHs have presented new Budgets for citizens, as the tool has already become an integral part of the social and political as well as public life of AHs.

It is worth noting that more and more hromadas are developing the Budget for citizens on their own, without any support of the DOBRE Programme. Currently there are 17 such initiative hromadas, testifying to the fact that the tool is catching on and will be applied further on, regardless of the donors’ interest. In its turn, it proves the results sustainability due to the Public Partnership efforts.

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