Administrative Service Centres

Development of public e-services

The development of the electronic services is high priority in the Ukraine decentralization agenda. It is planned that as many as 70 public services will be available in Ukraine in a fully electronic format in 2020. U-LEAD support project, EGOV4UKRAINE, will create ICT conditions for development of public e-services and make governance more transparent and effective by

  • Development and implementation of the governmental interoperability solution (Trembita system) to develop public e-services;
  • Development of the information systems, supporting data exchange and service delivery by the electronic channels, both in ACPs and self-service online channels;
  • Support of the development of the first set of administrative e-services;
  • Capacity building of the ICT professionals in the central government units to simplify and redesign administrative services processes.

Learn more about EGOV4UKRAINE:

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