Primary healthcare: AHs invited to participate in a training
Програма U-LEAD
16 January 2019 - 10:07

Best journalists covering decentralisation in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast awarded
Дніпропетровська область
26 December 2018 - 12:17

30 AHs to participate in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s initiative “Support and Development of Sustainable Mobility Services in Amalgamated Hromadas”
Програма U-LEAD
21 December 2018 - 09:54

ATTENTION! COMPETITION for journalists, covering decentralisation topic
Програма Ради Європи «Децентралізація і реформа місцевого самоврядування в Україні»
18 December 2018 - 10:00
Ico photo

Journalists awarded and best local self-government practices marked in Donetsk Oblast
14 December 2018 - 09:27
Ico photo

Final conference of the Contest “Best practices of local self-government” in 2018
13 December 2018 - 16:44

ATTENTION: Survey on topics for the “Best Practices of Local Self-Government” Competition-2019
Програма Ради Європи «Децентралізація і реформа місцевого самоврядування в Україні»
12 December 2018 - 17:17

The winners of the first oblast contest for journalists reporting on local self-government are rewarded in Chernihiv region
10 December 2018 - 10:35
Ico photo

Journalists awarded for their works on decentralisation topic in Khmelnytskyi Oblast
Хмельницька область
07 December 2018 - 15:44
Ico photo

U-LEAD with Europe Programme launching a call to participate in a new initiative to improve effectiveness of Civil Protection System in AHs
Програма U-LEAD
30 November 2018 - 16:19

U-LEAD invites CSOs to submit projects, aimed at engagement of youth, women and people with disabilities in hromada development
Програма U-LEAD
21 November 2018 - 15:48

36 AHs to participate in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s initiative “Upgrading Municipal Waste Management Services in AHs”
Програма U-LEAD
21 November 2018 - 12:17

Attention! Call for applications for participation in Round 3 of Roll-Out Phase of U-LEAD with Europe Programme launched
Програма U-LEAD
15 November 2018 - 11:49

Dnipropetrovsk  Regional Media Contest on decentralisation is launched
Дніпропетровська область
08 November 2018 - 15:46

AHs’ selection for “Smart Interaction” system implementation is ongoing
08 November 2018 - 12:30

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