EU project EGOV4UKRAINE helps to automate provision of administrative services

The importance of modern IT-solutions for the provision of quality administrative services was discussed at the high-level online conference “ASC in Vulyk: how information technology helps to provide services to people faster and better". Representatives of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, and Hromadas ASCs took part in the conference. The event focused on the implementation of the Vulyk information system, developed within the EU-funded EGOV4UKRAINE project of U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

“Making sure that administrative services are delivered in an easy, fast, corruption-free and efficient manner is decisive for the quality of life of Ukraine’s citizens, and for unleashing the potential of new and established businesses. I was proud to hear that, thanks to the Vulyk information system developed by the “U-LEAD with Europe” programme, more than 250 administrative service centres across Ukraine are already able to provide such high-quality services, - said Remi Duflot, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. - Of course, it is a joint achievement: I am very grateful to the Ukrainian authorities, both at the central and the local levels, for their steadfast engagement and contribution to this success. The EU will continue supporting the deployment of e-governance systems in Ukraine through the EU4DigitalUA project, with a view to achieving an effective, transparent and sustainable public service for the benefit of citizens and businesses alike. We are firmly moving forward together!"

Vulyk automates the ASCs work, reduces the load of paperwork on administrators, and increases the speed of service provision. One more advantage of Vulyk is its integration with the data exchange system Trembita, which provides electronic interaction between the state authorities. Thus, ASCs connected to Vulyk can receive data from the electronic registers and information systems connected to Trembita.

“The Ministry of digital transformation is implementing new IT solutions to make the delivery of public services fully automated. Thanks to Vulyk when receiving administrative services in the ASC, a person now does not need to bring paper copies of documents, if there is an authorized mobile application Diia in his smartphone. The service provides an opportunity to transfer electronic copies of the applicant's documents, which are in his mobile application, - said Oleksiy Vyskub, First Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. - The use of Diia significantly speeds up proceeding  the application for administrative services, eliminates errors in filling, brings paperless paperwork. The possibility of interaction of the information system  Vulyk with the mobile application was one of the results of constant updating of the system and expansion of its functionality."

As of June 2021, more than 250 ASCs across Ukraine connected to Vulyk. It is expected that by the end of the EGOV4UKRAINE project, about 400 ASCs supported by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme will operate in the Vulyk information system. At the same time, any Administrative Service Centre can connect to the system and enjoy its benefits.

“We hope that the Vulyk information system will help to optimize the operation of Administrative Service Centres and that the system will be further developed according to the Government strategy for digital transformation of services. ASCs provide services and consultations for citizens and businesses in a comfortable environment, and the U-LEAD with Europe Programme creates 1,300 such access points to services in Hromadas,” noted Susanna Dellans, Sida Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe.

An important feature of the Vulyk system is the ability to expand its functionality. During the process of mass connection of ASCs, the system was supplemented with a number of functions, such as interaction with the Diya application, ID-cards reading, online payments, a qualified electronic signature issuing, consolidated reports system and more.

“During the development and improvement of Vulyk, we worked closely with Administrative Service Centres and considered their needs and wishes. We hope that equipped with this modern system ASCs will fully use its opportunities to work more efficiently for the benefit of citizens," stated Mari Pedak, EGOV4UKRAINE project Team Leader.

The EGOV4UKRAINE project is implemented by the Estonian e-Governance Academy, which has experience in supporting e-governance in about 130 countries.

"We are happy to be involved in the implementation of two powerful Ukrainian reforms - digital transformation and decentralisation. Trembita data exchange system and Vulyk information system build a bridge between these reforms and ensure the development of e-governance at both national and local levels," said Нannes Astok, Executive director of e-Governance Academy.




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