State administrations with new authorities and their clear differentiation: the parliament will consider an important bill on decentralisation
03 March 2021 - 18:27
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Agglomeration: it is high time to enshrine in legislation a mechanism of cooperation between cities and the surrounding hromadas, - Vyacheslav Nehoda
26 February 2021 - 18:19
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The starosta institute development: public discussion has formed a common stance
22 February 2021 - 09:51
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Clear, legally enshrined objectives are necessary for the starosta institute development, - Vyacheslav Nehoda
18 February 2021 - 19:03
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The issue of rayon councils and ASCs functioning, local budget indices, etc. – the MinRegion has represented an updated decentralization monitoring to people’s deputies
17 February 2021 - 20:10
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The future of rayon councils: a special work group will be created in the parliamentary committee
16 February 2021 - 21:08
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The U-LEAD with Europe EU Programme and the Ministry of Digital Transformation have presented three online-courses for administrative services sphere employees
16 February 2021 - 14:12
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The transfer of medical establishments to hromadas and cooperation aimed at their funding: important issues
16 February 2021 - 10:17
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Decentralisation: new reform monitoring by the MinRegion
12 February 2021 - 17:18
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Social services and welfare: citizens have to understand their authorities and have money to exercise them, - Vyacheslav Nehoda
11 February 2021 - 19:40
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Decentralisation has changed the system of educational services provision and will lead to their quality improvement, - Vyacheslav Nehoda
09 February 2021 - 17:39
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95, 5% of facilities have been transferred to the hromada communal ownership – data by the MinRegion
06 February 2021 - 15:45
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“We have to jointly open the last ASC in the last hromada”: Vyacheslav Nehoda highlighted at the meeting with the leadership of U-LEAD with Europe
04 February 2021 - 16:13
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Transfer of medical facilities to hromadas: outcomes of the consultative dialogue
04 February 2021 - 08:58
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92% of facilities have been transferred to the hromada communal ownership – data by the MinRegion
30 January 2021 - 09:51
К-ть переглядів: 1919



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