Decentralisation continuation and local elections on the new territorial basis: What were regional journalists told in Kyiv?
30 September 2020 - 08:56
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«It is a catastrophic error that we’ll have to regret soon», - Ihor Koliushko commented on possible repercussions of a failure to pass bill №3651
23 September 2020 - 09:17
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Who are the new rayons for? Myths and reality of the new administrative and territorial arrangement of Ukraine
21 July 2020 - 08:28
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«If old rayons remain and rayon councils are elected in them, there will be chaos», - Ihor Koliushko comments on the withdrawn resolution on rayons
15 July 2020 - 19:22
К-ть переглядів: 5858

A new administrative and territorial arrangement: abstracts of the open discussion
13 July 2020 - 14:58
К-ть переглядів: 8229

 «Do not be afraid»: experts called on people’s deputies to vote for new rayons establishment
30 June 2020 - 15:06
К-ть переглядів: 8026

Announcement! June, 30 – the press-briefing: “To save decentralisation: rayon consolidation and the 2020 local elections”
26 June 2020 - 15:18
К-ть переглядів: 4895

 Ihor Koliushko on the repercussions Ukraine is sure to experience if it doesn’t change its administrative and territorial arrangement
19 June 2020 - 12:25
К-ть переглядів: 6696

From 105 up to 115 new rayons instead of the current 467 ones
13 April 2020 - 14:42
К-ть переглядів: 19261

The model of future rayons is not holy writ. An interview with Ihor Koliushko
17 March 2020 - 10:05
К-ть переглядів: 9012

The Centre of Political and Legal Reforms has presented propositions concerning the number of administrative and territorial units of the sub-regional level
06 March 2020 - 18:51
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20 conclusions on the draft amendments to the Constitution
24 December 2019 - 12:15
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What draft laws should the new Verkhovna Rada consider in the first place? Experts of Reanimation Package of Reforms explain
02 September 2019 - 11:37
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В Мінрегіоні презентували дві концепції оптимізації районного рівня
27 April 2016 - 20:10
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Створення фейкових громад : експерти вказали на загрози і наслідки для децентралізації (відео)
01 April 2016 - 17:24
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