“Own Land” expands its audience

After the first issues in the Poltava, Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, Kherson and Zakarpattia branches of the Suspilne Broadcasting Company and on UA: PERSHYI, the Own Land project will be broadcast every Tuesday at 17:10 on the air of all regional broadcasters.

In general, 50 series of success stories and challenges of people, who have teamed up together for a common cause, were filmed and shown on TV. Some issues of the “Own Land” project were broadcast on the Suspilne national TV channel UA: PERSHYI.

All issues of the “Own Land” programme from the Poltava Oblast can be found at Youtube-channel of the branch.

All Kirovohrad Oblast’s issues are available at Youtube-channel of the branch.

Among the materials of the branch UA: KHARKIV, the issue featuring the work of the Vvedenets settlement head on the changes in hromada life and attitude of people towards the environment, leisure and power has received the greatest attention. All series from the Kharkiv Oblast — at the link.

All issues of the “Own Land” programme from the Kherson Oblast can be found at Youtube-channel of the branch.

Every “Own Land” series lasts for 13 minutes. The compact and dynamic format allows broadcasting them on Suspilne digital platforms.

10 series of the programme with the Zakarpattia Oblast’s examples of amalgamation can be viewed at Youtube-channel of the branch.

The “Own Land” project was financially supported by the partners from U-LEAD with Europe: Ukraine – Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development Programme.

“The feedback from our partners, who viewed the “Own Land” programme, is very positive, everyone liked the attention to detail and interesting stories of the main characters,” said Yevhen Dukhovych, U-LEAD / GIZ reform communications adviser. “The “Own Land” is the first experience of U-LEAD’s cooperation with a large TV channel. Of course, we were hoping for success, for the opportunity to show how reforms affect the lives of people, especially those living in smaller settlements, but due to the efforts of the team and, above all, the producers, a whole series of how dreams should be reached and how the life of hromada can be improved by personal example and through personal efforts has been launched.”

We would like to recall that during August-September, five Suspilne regional branches issued series of the first season of the “Own Land” project. This is a programme about what can be achieved together with neighbours or due to amalgamation into hromadas. The Poltava, Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, Kherson and Zakarpattia branches of the Suspilne Broadcasting Company participated in the production. The regions were chosen according to the criteria of the pace of decentralisation processes and capacity of the public broadcasting branches.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


Own Land


Закарпатська область Кіровоградська область Полтавська область Харківська область Херсонська область


Національна суспільна телерадіокомпанія України

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