Hromada that refused to be poor

Hromada that refused to be poor

A striking example of how decentralisation changes the lives of hromadas.

At first, there was a call to the Ternopil Local Government Development Centre. I asked the experts whether they could name one hromada, where the contribution of decentralisation to the successful development of the city, village and its residents is evident.

“We have 42 amalgamated hromadas, and each has its own achievements due to decentralisation,” answered Viktor Lytvynchuk, director of the Ternopil LGDC. “So choose any, you will find something interesting everywhere,” he added.

Therefore, the Pochayivska urban amalgamated hromada – one of the most remote from the oblast centre – was chosen.

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Тернопільська область


Почаївська міська об’єднана територіальна громада



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