From oxygen lack to WHO appreciation. How the hospital of Kitsman has managed to improve during the pandemic

On March, 3, 2020 the first coronavirus case in Ukraine was registered in Chernivtsi, only ten days later a COVID-19 patient was hospitalized in the Kitsman hospital. At the pandemic beginning the town and the whole country were overwhelmed by panic and confusion — nobody knew how to fight the virus and how dreadful its consequences will be. However, it was most difficult for medical staff, unable to wait for the lock-down to pass at home, but having to be daily in danger, treating others.

Here is the story of changes undergone for a year and half of the pandemic by the Kitsman hospital, headed by Volodymyr Khromiuk for four years.


tvortsi novykh hromad healthcare


Чернівецька область


Кіцманська територіальна громада



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