Local authorities and community: information, dialogue and participation. Best practice of Kryvyi Rih City Council

In 2020 the practice “Transformation of Kryvyi Rih participatory budget based on the dialogue between the local authority and community” of Kryvyi Rih Council won the Contest “Best Practices of Local Self-Government” in 2020 (Diploma of the second degree).

The participatory budget is a part of the city budget of Kryvyi Rih.

The contest of local projects “Participatory budget” undergoes positive transformations every year, specifically its procedure, accessibility, and equal opportunities for participation. The contest has a slogan: “Initiate! Win! Implement!”.

Today, the participatory budget has become an integral “part of the DNA” of Kryvyi Rih community and culture of city governance. The greatest advantage of civil participation in Kryvyi Rih is creation of active and caring community. Thanks to such people the city develops, modernises, and changes for the better every year.

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Дніпропетровська область


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