Territorial hromadas development – the MinRegion has started a series of open dialogues in the regions

In the early 2021 territorial hromadas all over Ukraine became equal in status for the first time: they obtained equal powers and transferred to direct inter-budget relations with the state budget. In addition, hromadas’ responsibility to their residents and law has increased. The reform is now aimed at ensuring all hromadas’ development and efficient functioning. Hromadas, having started functioning only in January, 2021, need considerable support. They comprise approximately half of 1469 hromadas, established in Ukraine.

To communicate with them the MinRegion has begun a series of open dialogues on territorial hromadas development in the regions. The first event is taking place today in Vyshgorod for hromadas of the Kyiv oblast. The event partner is the DESPRO Swiss-Ukrainian project.


amalgamation of hromadas otsinka efektyvnosti hromad V.Nehoda


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