A car-festival and the series «On hromada people». A special experience

A car-festival and the series «On hromada people». A special experience

The Boratynska hromada of the Volyn region has shown how to conduct a festival during the lockdown, acquainting local residents and promoting local craftsmen.

For three years in a row the Boratynska hromada has been holding a great uniting holiday – The Hromada Festival - on the Independence Day. As it was amalgamated in the late October of 2017 року, many residents of 12 settlements didn’t know each other. So, the idea of their getting acquainted was topical. Festivals of 2018 and 2019 were very popular. A lot of on-stage performance groups being abailable, the hromada had something to show. Last year, due to the quarantine, the hromada couldn’t hold the festival, but they didn’t want to refuse to conduct it either. So, it was decided to hold it in an unusual way…

For almost a year the hromada project activity and promotion, jointly with the festival organizing committee, had been busy filming and editing video-clips to be shown in a huge screen near the motorway on the Independence Day. Each car was allotted a special place for the quarantine restrictions not to be violated.

More than 200 cars participated in the event. The video material was shown non-stop from 16:00 till 00:00.

The highlight of the festival was an 11-part series about hromada residents.

The budget of the event was rather little: UAH 50 thousand for the professional filming, something for the stage, screen and video equipment.




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