The Stanislavska hromada: craft goat cheeses production

The Stanislavska AH, established in the Kherson region in 2017, has a powerful natural and cultural and historical potential, making it perspective for the development of country, green and active tourism, as well as food and wedding tourism. Efficient usage of such advantages is the main mechanism of a successful and sustainable hromada development.

Supported by the USAID DOBRE programme, there have been developed 2019-2027 Sustainable Hromada Development Strategy, the Local Economical Development Programme and the Hromada Economical profile.

The Stanislavska hromada is renowned for its Lymanska Koza (Lyman Goat) family eco-farm, selling craft goat cheeses, produced from the local milk, spices, nuts and herbs grown here.

In addition, a tourist attraction – a petting goat zoo - has been created on the basis of the farm, facilitating the farm produce sales.



business participation of citizens


Херсонська область


Станіславська територіальна громада


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