02 October 2023
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Decentralisation Digest at the RADA TV Channel: Hromadas are not just a matter of positions held, hromadas are a matter of management quality, service provision quality

The 138-th issue of the programme «Decentralisation. News Digest», created with support from the Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Decentralisation Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) is dedicated to the Cabinet of Ministers’ approval of the perspective plans of forming territories of hromadas of all the regions, covering 100% of their territory. It is an important step within the local self-government reform fulfillment. However, not everybody is satisfied with it and complaints can be heard concerning liquidation of 120 AHs, having been formed in the previous reform years.

«The Cabinet of Ministers has made a revolutionary decision. Now the country has a model of administrative and territorial arrangement which is the basis for the local elections to be held on October, 25, 2020. It envisages forming 1460 capable hromadas, where the elections to be held», - comments Ivan Lukerya, councilor of the Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine.


perspective plan I.Lukerya amalgamation of hromadas Vlada hromady


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