Small business support during the pandemic – experience of Lyubetska AH

Small and medium-sized business development in the Lyubetska AH is a priority of the hromada development strategy, adopted in early 2019. While the document was being developed jointly with the U-LEAD with Europe Programme experts, nobody was waiting for the coronavirus and the epidemic as force majeure. However, the quarantine due to the coronavirus has become a real threat for the economy and entrepreneurship development in the hromada. That is why the Lyubetska hromada is paying so much attention to the development of a complex programme of supporting local entrepreneurs.

According to Zoya Chuhay, the head of the economic development and investment sector of the Lyubetska village council, the programme is aimed at supporting entrepreneurship – stimulating the hromada residents to establish small and medium-sized businesses. Under the current complicated economic conditions it is vitally important for the authorities to support the local initiatives and internal investors.


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Любецька селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


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Yuliya Bolgak
27.04.2020 - 13:57
Добрий день! Підкажіть, хто входить до спеціальної комісії, яка буде оцінювати бізнес-плани?
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