08 December 2023
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How do hromadas integrate into up-to-date online space and why is it important?

A hromada is unable to effectively function in the limited informational space without modern communication technologies. It is also more difficult for a hromada to stand up to the pandemic and quarantine, having no opportunity to work remotely and to keep in touch with a lot of people, organizations as well as to perform its duties

In 2017-2019 the DOBRE Programme supported hromadas for the purpose of remodeling premises for sessions.

As a result, hromadas have got modern session halls equipped with everything necessary for the most important decisions for hromada development and well-being to be made.

Hromadas, participating in the DOBRE Programme, have shared their experience, being paragons of working with up-to-date equipment and extending opportunities of local councils in cooperation with hromada inhabitants.




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08 December 2023

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08 December 2023

07 December 2023

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07 December 2023

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