06 December 2023
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12 pieces of advice for ASCs directors and the local self–government heads during the pandemic

The sphere of administrative service provision does not belong to the crucial ones at the period, currently experienced both by Ukraine and the whole world. However, there are certain administrative services, access to which is important during the quarantine and even the state of emergency.

The material is aimed at minimising ASC attendance by citizens under the conditions of the quarantine, and ensuring the maximum safety for both ASC staff and visitors in case of attending ASCs.

It goes without saying that eservices would be a perfect solution under the circumstances and the current crisis encourages us to facilitate it. But digitalisation requires both time and financial resources. Moreover, offline needs of certain population strata should be taken into consideration.

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12 pieces of advice for ASCs directors and the local self–government heads during the pandemic


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Програма «U-LEAD з Європою»

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06 December 2023

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06 December 2023

06 December 2023

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06 December 2023

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