Over Hedge and Ditch of the Shumsk Hromada. A video-journal

Shumsk hromada, being one of the largest amalgamated hromadas of the Ternopil region, includes 35 villages and the town of Shumsk. Each location here has its unique history, gorgeous landscapes, outstanding personalities the locals are proud of, which are little known outside the hromada.

The exciting idea has been implemented thanks to the USAID DOBRE programme, having been functioning in Shumsk hromada for several years, particularly, in 2018 the Art-Vulyk public space was created, sponsored by USAID DOBRE.

In spring of 2019 the West Ukrainian Resource Centre announced the Local Initiatives for AHs Development contest by the USAID DOBRE programme and the public organization called the InSource Initiative Development Centre submitted its project -“Over Hedge and Ditch of the Shumsk Hromada” video-journal. The project became a winner so, on October, 6, 2019 the video-journal was presented in Shumsk.




Тернопільська область


Шумська міська об’єднана територіальна громада


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