The 2019 Transparency Ranking of 100 largest cities of Ukraine

In the 2019 Transparency Ranking of 100 largest cities of Ukraine Drohobych and Pokrov have become the leaders for the first time, getting 79,1 points each.

It is interesting to note that Pokrov, having occupied the first place this year, in the 2017 Ranking trailed far behind, occupying the 91-st position out of 100. The top 3 leaders have changed, compared with the 2018 Ranking. Pokrov shifted from the 4-th to the 1-st place, while Ternopil rose from the 10-th position to the 3-rd one. They got enough points to squeeze their rivals — Mariupol and Vinnytsia— to the 4-th and 5-th positions respectively.

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