Hub “Misto Zmistiv” – Vinnytsia platform for the city development

“We believe that due to our intense activity and efficient partnership, Vinnytsia will really become a city of deep content, for creation of which we are actively working now,” Valentyna Tkachuk, project manager of the “Institute of City Development” of Vinnytsia City Council, is convinced. The Hub is very lucky to receive unique support from the city authorities that consider the spent funds as an investment into development of the city and the region, which will pay off many times over. Non-governmental organizations are able to feel the essence and effectiveness of synergy from joining the efforts and resources here. Definitely, we are interested in new organizations which would join cooperation. However, we make the biggest appeal to the quality of processes and the level of institutional capability of the already engaged organizations. It is important that they were meaningful partners and initiators of further joint projects, innovations and changes in the city,” Oksana Bondar, regional coordinator of PROMIS project in Vinnytsia region, head of Vinnytsia Regional Information Centre “Creative”, Hub’s user, thinks. 


participation of citizens


Вінницька область


Вінницька міська об’єднана територіальна громада


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