MinRegion published the Concept and Plan for the Implementation of the State Decentralisation Policy for 2020

MinRegion has published for public discussion the Concept and Plan for the Implementation of State Policy to reach Goal 10.3. "Ukrainians have a real opportunity to influence the organisation of their living space as residents of capable hromadas" of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Programme of Activities-2020.

The Concept states that the current local self-government system does not meet the needs of residents of territorial communities in public services and does not provide them with a comfortable and safe living environment. More than a thousand amalgamated hromadas have been established in Ukraine, but 6.4 thousand hromadas have not yet amalgamated, and there are almost no institutional and financial resources available to provide quality and accessible public and other services.

Residents of these amalgamated hromadas are deprived of the opportunity to receive proper services in the educational, medical and other sectors, to form modern infrastructure, receive other benefits enjoyed by the residents of capable territorial hromadas.

MinRegion plans that since 2020, 100% of the population of Ukraine will live in capable hromadas, and in 5 years the number of hromadas in need of state support will decrease by at least 30%.

It is also planned that the whole territory of Ukraine will be covered by rayons that meet the standards of territorial division of European Union countries for statistical purposes of the NUTS-3 level.

The functions of state authorities and local self-government bodies, i.e. their powers that duplicate, will be divided.

Local state administrations will be reformatted into prefectural bodies with the main power to provide administrative oversight of local self-government bodies.

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MinRegion published the Concept and Plan for the Implementation of the State Decentralisation Policy for 2020

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Volodymyr Parkhomenko
04.01.2020 - 12:47
В Концепції не вистачає позиції «формування професійного корпусу префектів». Префекти не можуть призначатися бозна з кого, як тепер часто відбувається з головами МДА після кожної зміни влади.
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