MinRegion recommends that oblasts work on a new administrative and territorial structure in cooperation with local self-government associations

Review the composition of interagency regional groups on the preparation of proposals for the administrative and territorial structure and involve representatives of regional branches of local self-government associations and experts in these groups. The Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories sent an official letter with such a recommendation to the oblast state administrations.

The information on the composition of the regional working groups should be sent to MinRegion by 18 October.

The Ministry commented that involvement of representatives of local self-government associations in the work on proposals for future administrative and territorial structure is crucial.

“As part of the reform of local self-government, we are working on what hromadas and rayons should become in Ukraine in the near future. This work is mainly done in the regions and coordinated by the oblast state administrations in cooperation with the oblast councils. Approval of the Programme of Activity of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine defines the task of implementing the policy of capable hromadas’ formation as well as administrative and territorial structure. An optimal social infrastructure network able to deliver the entire package of services to each resident should become an integral part of hromadas, and these services should be of high quality and accessible,” said Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories.

In this regard, he said, the role of interagency regional groups is significantly increasing, since while modeling hromadas, rayons, they should take into account the existing and perspective infrastructure of hromadas.

“And here, we cannot do without those who represent the interests of local self-government – relevant associations. That is why we suggested that the oblasts ensure their participation in the work of regional groups,” the Deputy Minister said.

It should be mentioned that interagency regional groups for preparation of proposals on the administrative and territorial structure were earlier created in the oblasts to fulfill the tasks of the Action Plan for the implementation of a new stage of the reform of local self-government and territorial organisation of power in Ukraine for 2019-2021.


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