Hub school set up by the most highland AH in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The Biloberizka amalgamated hromada, which is the highest mountainous AH in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, established a hub educational institution with three branches.

First of all, they upgraded their material basis at Biloberizka Lyceum, but did not forget about the branches.



“For our two combined classes, at hromada’s own expense we purchased everything necessary to fully implement the standards of the New Ukrainian School. We have handouts for children, new furniture, laptops, interactive whiteboards and Internet connections, so we can use educational material online. We carried out a major overhaul in the premise,” says Liliya Slyvchuk, department head of the Barvinkiv Elementary School

The Biloberizka AH equipped the elementary school with all the necessary appliances in accordance with the NUS standards, and teachers who work with elementary classes have undergone appropriate training. New techniques and supplementary equipment are said to make the learning process easier and more fun for children.



"Children like teaching techniques, this in some ways complicates the work of teachers, but now we are largely using a game that has not been practiced before. After a year of working on new techniques, I can say that children learn to work in groups, express their opinions, it is a huge progress in education,” says Yaroslava Pavlyuk, elementary school teacher of the Biloberizka hub school.

And due to transformation into a hub educational institution, the high school also received a lot of new educational equipment and materials.


Oksana Knyaz'ka, experienced chemistry teacher, says that with the hub school establishment the material base became much better. Now there is all the equipment for laboratory and practical work.

According to her, there are sufficient educational materials for the whole class, all pupils are involved and are not just observers, but process participants.

There are 170 children currently enrolled in the hub educational instituion of the Biloberizka AH.


The feature of this hub school is its difficult territorial accessibility. Branches of the Biloberizka Lyceum are located at a distance of 3-5 and even 7 kilometres, but given the high altitude and poor road conditions, it is a lot. In winter it is very difficult to get to the Lyceum from remote villages, so at the initiative of Dmytro Ivanyuk, village head of the AH, a boarding school has been set up here, where children live from Monday to Friday and can study in comfortable conditions. Here, according to Halyna Dmytroniak, head of the department of education, youth, sports, culture and children’s affairs of the Biloberizka village council of AH, there are bedrooms, meals organised and an opportunity to do homework.



Establishment of hub educational institutions in the mountainous areas, according to Maria Baran, municipal service adviser of the Ivano-Frankivsk LGDC, contributes to real implementation of the principle of equal access to quality educational services for all children, regardless of their place of residence.



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