Procedure for inclusion of part of the excise tax on fuel to local budgets in 2019 approved

The Government approved the procedure for the inclusion of part of the excise tax on fuel produced in Ukraine, and imported into the customs territory of Ukraine, into the general fund of local self-government budgets in 2019. The document defines the principle of distribution of part of the excise tax and the mechanism for its inclusion in the local self-government budgets.

This is reported by the Government portal.

Distribution of the excise tax share of 13.44% between local self-government budgets will be carried out on the day the excise tax arrives.

The shares of the excise tax that will be included into the local self-government budgets in the first half of 2019 are determined based on the volumes of fuel sold by retail businesses on the respective territory for the second half of 2018.

Inclusion of the part of the excise tax, which came from 1 January 2019, to local self-government budgets will be carried out by the State Treasury within two weeks from the date the resolution enters into force.


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