President Poroshenko about new hromada leaders: “They will come into politics with experience of real deeds that Ukraine needs”

President Petro Poroshenko is convinced that decentralisation should become a special mechanism for selecting and identifying new leaders in Ukraine. He expressed this opinion during his speech at the Regional Development Council of the Kyiv Oblast.

“There are a lot of politicians in Ukraine, but the situation with leaders is worse. Both - you and me - know very few people capable of taking responsibility, defining strategic goals and achieving them,” emphasised the President.

“We should carefully look at young leaders of amalgamated hromadas. Today we already state that they have appeared and raised on the wave of decentralisation. Five years ago nobody knew them, today they have changed hromadas by their actions, and tomorrow they can take an active part in the changes of Ukraine,” added Petro Poroshenko.

“We pay attention to many active volunteers, who have done a lot to form and approve development plans. Undoubtedly, within two or three years, this personnel reserve will definitely rise to prominence at the national level. I am convinced that young leaders are just the new people in politics that today's Ukrainians would sincerely like to see. Not just those who can speak well, but who proved to be effective in the last three or four years at the hromada level,” added the President.

“They will come into politics not with PR-technologies, but with the experience of real deeds. This experience is needed not only for hromadas, Ukraine needs it,” summed up the Head of State.



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President Poroshenko about new hromada leaders: “They will come into politics with experience of real deeds that Ukraine needs”




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