Quotes of participants at presentation of the manual on “Integration of gender approach in the work of the Administrative Services Centres”

On 18 December, the presentation of the manual on “Integration of gender approach in the work of the Administrative Services Centres”, created by the experts of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, was held in Kyiv. Here are some quotes on gender equality from the participants of the presentation.




Kateryna Levchenko, Government Commissioner for Gender Policy

Several years ago, we really wanted the policy of gender integration to be not just a supplement to what the state structures do, but also to penetrate all state processes. Today, I am pleased to note that gender integration has become an active, vibrant process that is developing and enhances the provision of equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all spheres of life.

Martin Hagström, Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine

When we talk about gender equality in ASC, it means that we are talking about equal opportunities in obtaining services for all groups of the population. In Sweden, each institution takes into account the gender dimension and ensures that women and men, young people and children, people with disabilities, pensioners have equal access to public services.

Gender inclusiveness is needed everywhere – such as planning outdoor lighting, location of a new construction, and access to the building. This is not only about equality between men and women, it is also about accessibility and equal opportunities for all citizens.

The manual provides good advice on gender approach application, and I consider it a very important aspect of collecting and analysing statistic data for the implementation of really necessary measures. The main thing is the responsibility and awareness of citizens themselves, why all this is necessary. For this, at least, the level of knowledge and access to information in this field should be increased.

Taras Tokarskyi, Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine on European Integration

In Ukraine, the situation is unique if compared with other European countries with maximum of 8-10% of the rural population. In Ukraine, on average, 30% of the population is rural, but there are regions in Western Ukraine where this share reaches 50%. And the issues of gender inequality are the most acute ones there.



Stephan Dahlgren, Head of Migration and Security Sector, EU Delegation to Ukraine

There is a number of recent reports on the state of human rights and gender equality in Ukraine, and they have both positive and negative aspects. One of the challenges is the low level of women representation in leading positions in Ukraine. Women can work, but they face difficulties to get high positions.

An important topic also covered in the reports is domestic violence. The European Commission has not yet started working on gender integration in Ukraine, but from 2019 we will have a separate direction on gender equality.

Susanna Dellans, head of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s support to improved administrative service delivery

The manual is based on the Swedish experience of introducing gender approach, adapted to the Ukrainian context, and uses the experience of establishment of 26 ASCs of the Inception Phase of the Programme.

The manual will continue to be a methodological basis for the establishment and modernisation of up to 600 ASCs within the framework of the Programme, and will be available on our website for all interested parties.




The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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