26 September 2023
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Does the reform take regional peculiarities into account?

Everything the decentralisation reform offers meets the needs of Ukrainian citizens, wherever they live. Full-fledged local self-government will show the prospects for the development of the state, let every person find his/her place and influence this perspective through participation in hromada life, including economic one. The main thing is that it will give people a sense of dignity and ability to self-realisation in their country.

It is also important that the reform of local self-government is in line with the reform of regional policy. Thus, the initiative from below should be supported from above. The task of the state regional policy is to support strategic projects for the regions. We must "pull up" the regions experiencing more acute economic difficulties. The very creation of a full-fledged local government capable of acting is a prerequisite for the development of regions only with due account of their peculiarities.

In addition, the draft law on amalgamation of communities says that historical, natural, ethnic, cultural and other factors should be considered, as they affect the sustainability of the newly established amalgamated hromada.