Solid waste landfill opened in Shyshatska AH

A solid household waste landfill has been established in the Shyshatska amalgamated hromada since 1 October. Waste unloading will be a paid service there.

The work on landfill arrangement was a long-lasting process with all necessary permits being agreed in many institutions of various levels.

“From now on, the hromada has been facing the issue of garbage sorting. At least selecting that sort of waste that can be used as a secondary raw material. Now this work is already under way in the AH. We began with the simplest – collection of plastic bottles. There is no economic benefit, but there is an important social moment, people responded to the proposal and fill not their homeland, but specially installed containers with plastic bottles” says Oleksandr Tutka, head of the Shysahtska AH.

Photo – from the website of the Shyshatska AH

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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Solid waste landfill opened in Shyshatska AH

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Полтавська область


Шишацька селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


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