Buzivska AH – model of consciousness and hromada cohesion



This hromada is unique by the level of self-organisation of the population and genuine patriotism. In only six months it managed to work on the Development Strategy and have already implemented some of the planned initiatives. The AH fosters local business, that helps to implement projects. It has its own voluntary fire brigade, its flag and creative coat of arms. But the main treasure of Buzivska AH is its people, who do not sit waiting for change, but create the hromada of their dreams themselves.

There are two villages in the Buzivska AH: Buzivka village (2,000 residents) and the village of Zelenyi Rih (500 residents). The AH is managed by 30-year-old Oleksandr Furkalo, the youngest AH head in the Cherkasy Oblast.


The most acute problem of both villages of the hromada is the road of state importance, which connects two villages. According to the AH head, the hromada was not able to spend its own money on this repair, and the state did not allocate money for years. Therefore, it was necessary to receive a special permit in the Cherkasy Oblast State Administration in order to use a state subvention for these purposes. They have already made 585 metres of the road (and it is 3480 sq. m), investing UAH 1 million 799 thousand.



In general, since the AH formation, the hromada budget has grown fourfold.

“We do a lot not at the expense of the budget, but thanks to the help of local entrepreneurs, who really care about our villages,” said the AH head. “We have up to 80 private entrepreneurs. Our businessmen grow flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, fish, work in the area of swine breeding, produce pasta and groats, bake bread and products that are famous all over Cherkasy Oblast.




Another important project for the AH is the water pipe in Buzivka. For its implementation, the second part of the infrastructure subvention is allocated, namely – UAH 412 thousand.

The hromada plans to establish Safety Centre, which will host all emergency services – outpatient clinic, police and fire brigade.



Besides, young parents and children are very happy with two new children's playgrounds that appeared in the village of Zelenyi Rih.

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Черкаська область


Бузівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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