Successful Shpolyanska AH to have its own "Shpola Arena" soon

Successful Shpolyanska AH to have its own "Shpola Arena" soon

This urban hromada is growing steadily and has the best revenue growth dynamics, being a leader among hromadas of the region in the area of ​​road repairs. Its kindergartens, parks and sidewalks look like in the capital, and a European-model development strategy of the AH, approved this year, will assure its successful future.

This AH is unique in that it was the first (and so far the only one in Ukraine) to take on all healthcare facilities of the rayon to its balance for the sake of preserving the network of institutions. Besides, it is now in charge of maintaining all out-of-school establishments – in general, 24 budget institutions: 6 schools, 4 kindergartens, 5 out-of-school establishments, 3 sports schools and 3 cultural facilities.

Before amalgamation, the budget of the Shpola City Council amounted to 27 million, that of Skotareve village – up to 650 thousand, and that of the village of Krymky – up to 700 thousand. Now the AH budget is 116 million, 56 of which are the AH own revenues.

The hromada has received an infrastructure subvention from the state. UAH 560 thousand were spent on lighting and arrangement of a sports hall on the basis of the cultural centre, and 450 thousand more – on the arrangement of a pedestrian path along the entire village centre.

At the expense of the SFRD, the Shpolyanska AH received the opportunity to repair kindergartens.

This spring, the Shpola substation of the Zvenyhorod Ambulance Station received a new reanimobile of UAH 2.5 million, purchased on the basis of co-financing from the AH, rayon and oblast budgets. The hromada has allocated an additional UAH 40 thousand for the repair of the ambulance unit premises.

The AH has found the opportunity to allocate UAH 85 thousand to buy housing in Krymky village for the doctor, who will come there to work.

According to Oleksandr Honchar, director of the Shpola Educational Complex "General Secondary School No.2-Lyceum", since amalgamation, the school has received more than UAH 1 million for its development.

Currently, the reconstruction of the ASC in Shpola is underway, and already this autumn, the institution, modernised with the assistance of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, will provide more than one hundred services to hromada residents in more comfortable conditions.

And next spring, the “Shpola Arena”– a renewed rayon stadium with a reconstructed main field, mini-field and a reserve field to host competitions, sports events and football championships for the whole rayon – will be opened in the AH.

The secret of hromada’s prosperity is revealed by Serhiy Kravchenko, head of the Shpolyanska AH: "The largest revenues come to the local budget from the PIT. And this means we have to work with our taxpayers. If this month the AH budget receives an additional 5 million taxes, the taxpayers should definitely know the intended use of these funds. We are guided by the "business-hromada-authorities" cooperation principle and just in such a sequence.”

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