Beekeepers’ cooperative to be created in AH of Bukovyna

The Rukshynska AH located in the Chernivtsi Oblast started the process of establishing a beekeepers’ cooperative.

“The Rukshynska AH started the process of creating a business centre and opening an agricultural cooperative specialised in the production of beekeeping products,” the OSA informed.

As it is noted, the cooperative will receive EUR 25.000 from the European Union within the framework of the project, implemented under the “Mayors for Economic Growth” initiative and funded by the EU, while co-financing of beekeepers is almost EUR 8.000. It is necessary to buy and install equipment for these funds. Required documents have already been submitted for state registration of the cooperative.

The main tasks of the agricultural cooperative include establishment of a system for processing beekeeping products, improvement of conditions for agricultural production in the industry, and formation of large product batches for export. The Rukshynska AH effectively uses the opportunities provided by amalgamation, including grant funding from the EU.

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Beekeepers’ cooperative to be created in AH of Bukovyna


Чернівецька область


Рукшинська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада



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