05 June 2023
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On non-urban… agglomeration

On non-urban… agglomeration

Ukrainian wikipedia defines the notion of agglomeration as follows: "Urban agglomeration (from Latin agglomeratio – accession) is the form of settlement, territorial accumulation of settlements (mostly cities), which are objectively united into a single (complex multi-component dynamic) system by the intense, functional, including economic, labour and social, cultural, household, recreational and other ties, as well as by environmental interests."

This definition concerns mainly an urban agglomeration. Urban agglomeration is also meant by the authors of the draft law "On Urban Agglomerations", besides, search engines actually lead to the urban agglomerations following "agglomeration" requests.

There is, in fact, nothing surprising, since the proportion of urban population is growing rapidly in the world, and large cities are gradually surrounded by networks of smaller cities targeted at the city (or several large cities), and such a network of large and smaller cities becomes the largest GDP producer, the largest sales markets and develops in the most dynamic way.

But there exist not only urban agglomerations. And they are in Ukraine as well, yet few people know much about them...

All villages, that have almost grew together territorially, arose and evolved due to two most important reasons – the terrain that facilitates the economy, and the trade route (path/way) between the two ancient trade centres and resettlement centres – Chernivtsi and Khotyn.

Now, the new road H03, which was laid a little south from this network of villages, has led to a certain limitation of their opportunities for local trade, and hence for small local commercial business. However, the old road T2603 passes through these villages, and flows into the highway H03.

Consequently, within the new transport conditions and new approaches to communication, it is possible to renew the active inclusion of the villages of this agglomeration into streams carried out along the highway H03.

However, the solution to a number of issues common to the villages of this agglomeration, in particular, the maintenance of the road that passes through villages, is impossible without various forms of cooperation of hromadas, both amalgamated and non-amalgamated ones, which over centuries formed such a dense and interconnected settlement network that can be called a "rural agglomeration".

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