10 December 2023
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Ministry of Health approved Procedure for primary healthcare provision

The Procedure for primary healthcare provision regulating the work of general practitioners, pediatricians and family doctors, is approved and provides a clear list of services of the primary healthcare institutions and forms a new culture of physician – patient interaction. Already from 1 July, absolutely all primary healthcare institutions will be guided by this document.

What services will be provided by physicians, pediatricians and family doctors?

General practitioners, pediatricians and family doctors will monitor your health state (or your child's health state), diagnose and treat the most common diseases, injuries, poisoning, pathological, and physiological (during pregnancy) conditions. Similarly physicians, pediatricians and family doctors will manage patients with chronic diseases and conditions. Your doctor will also provide emergency care for an acute physical or mental disorder if you do not need an emergency, specialised or highly specialised medical care.

Your doctor's role in preventing illness will be important.

How many people can one doctor serve?

According to the Procedure, the optimal number of patients for a family doctor is 1,800 persons, 2,000 people – for a general practitioner, and 900 – for a pediatrician.

Will doctors visit patients following their calls?

Yes, they will, but the decision is taken by the doctor (GP, pediatrician or family doctor), not a patient or registrar.

Who will treat patients if a doctor is on vacation?

If the doctor is on vacation or is unable to see a patient for other reasons, the primary healthcare provider (healthcare facility) should provide a substitute.

With respect to the patient: service requirements for healthcare institutions

If the address of the healthcare or treatment provision is changed, then the patients should be informed. If a patient has already made an appointment, he/she must be notified about the change of address or work hours personally (for example, by telephone). It is equally important to inform patients if the primary healthcare provider for some reason has stopped working.

How to make an appointment and will healthcare institutions work at the weekend?

One can register with a doctor personally, by telephone, by e-mail or by other means available. If the phone number, e-mail address etc. have changed, patients should be informed.

Technical Equipment List

In order for institutions to provide high-quality healthcare, they must comply with the Technical Equipment List. The updated Exemplary list of material and technical equipment of healthcare institutions and private entrepreneurs providing primary healthcare, is much shorter than it used to be, and corresponds to the real needs of the primary healthcare sector. The necessary technical equipment will allow to fulfill the Procedure for the primary healthcare provision.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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Ministry of Health approved Procedure for primary healthcare provision




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