Comprehensive support: how the Baltska AH encourages doctors to work in villages

Comprehensive support: how the Baltska AH encourages doctors to work in villages

The reforms of decentralisation and healthcare are closely linked. This is particularly evident in the regions, where hospitals have not been repaired since they were put into service. When you get somewhere on a business trip, it is very difficult to get acquainted with the situation impartially. Of course, the local authorities will try to show all the best they have. Therefore, for objectivity, it's better to see everything on your own. That is why I visited the village of Holma of the Baltska amalgamated hromada twice.

A stop at the outpatient clinic

My first trip to the Baltska AH came at the end of April 2017. The house, assigned to an outpatient facility, was conditionally divided into two wings. The first, in fact, was a healthcare institution with specialist offices, beds for patients, and necessary medical equipment. After reviewing the treatment rooms, we went to review the second wing of the house. The situation there, to put it mildly, contrasted with everything that was seen before. The smell of medications was completely overwhelmed by smell of cement, there was also a heap of construction mud on the floor.

Coming back from Balta

Later I visited the Baltska amalgamated hromada for the second time. A tour over the outpatient clinic started with a visit to medical offices, and then we switched to a part assigned to the family doctor's housing. I saw a modern repaired and furnished rooms – just move in and live. The young specialist will not have to pay for rent, all utility fees are covered by the centre. The family doctor will have access to the network, office transport, will have four nurses in subordination and an additional bonus from the town authorities in the amount of UAH 2 000. Perhaps, somebody will consider such details as insignificant for global development. However, the hromada understands that without these nuances meaningful changes should not be expected, and is ready to work on their implementation.

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