Result of joint efforts: private museum was opened in Kozeletska AH

Result of joint efforts: private museum was opened in Kozeletska AH

The development of the tourist potential of the Chernihiv Oblast in particular has been discussed a lot. Almost every amalgamated hromada includes a point on tourism and its development to its strategic or perspective plan. And that is right. Uniqueness, individuality and local flavour of parks, manors, villages, rural settlements, towns and cities impress. Though prospects are always accompanied by more urgent needs and unresolved issues: road repairs, lighting, insulation and repair of schools, kindergartens, healthcare and communal issues, etc. It sometimes seems that this list of problems is inexhaustible and endless.

Therefore, the development of cultural and tourist potential is waiting for its time or “stored” in the hope of an investor or a private initiative.

The Kozeletska AH can boast that the tourism development is not just discussed here, but jointly implemented by the government, business community and public initiatives. In February, a solemn opening of the museum-exhibition “Chernihiv Oblast – a journey through the ages” took place in the village of Kalytyanske, which is part of the Kozeletska OTG. The idea of ​​gathering the history of Siveria in one place was suggested by the famous artist Borys Dyedov several years ago. His dream was brought to life by Nadiya Miklukho-Maklay, philanthropist, public figure, and deputy of the Chernihiv Oblast Council. The work on the creation of expositions lasted for almost three years.

Volodymyr Boyko, regional development adviser of the Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, commented: “The museum-exhibition “Chernihiv Oblast – a journey through the ages” is one of the first examples of modern museums in the Chernihiv Oblast. The museum in Kalytyanske does not exist on its own, it is located on a motor road of international significance. And this is an advantage to use. The village offers facilities for recreation of drivers and excursion groups (from neighbouring Belarus, for instance) – there are good conditions, reliable security service, affordable prices, round-the-clock exchange currency point. Thus, it is a synergy that brings economic effect. And the usual village on the highway is becoming popular far beyond Ukraine as the new development centre.”

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