Guarantees for employment and dismissal of pregnant women and mothers – explanations for local self-governments

The issue of application of Article 184 of the Code of Labour Laws of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Labour Code), which establishes guarantees at hiring and prohibition of dismissal of pregnant women and women with children, is very relevant. And given the existing judicial practice, it is also quite controversial in the legal environment.

The need for unified approaches to the application of substantive law while resolving this category of disputes is particularly acute in local self-government bodies, as they have many positions to which individuals are elected (approved, appointed) exclusively on the conditions of a fixed-term employment contract.

In the course of voluntary amalgamation of hromadas, local self-government bodies are reorganised under a special procedure and constantly face the need to provide guarantees for pregnant women and mothers.

Vira Kozina, lawyer and senior expert of the Analytical and Legal Group at the Central Reform Office under MinRegion, provided an explanation regarding the dismissal of pregnant women after termination of a fixed-term employment contract concluded with the local self-government body, and correct definition of the subject of claims (DOWNLOAD)

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Guarantees for employment and dismissal of pregnant women and mothers – explanations for local self-governments

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