Viacheslav Nehoda: We welcome every step towards new sister relations between our and foreign municipalities

The Ministry for Communities and Territorial Development of Ukraine is ramping up establishing partnerships and sisterly relations between Ukrainian and foreign municipalities, relying on the support of international technical assistance projects in the field of decentralisation.

On July 8, under the auspices of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, the third Solidarity Forum “Bridges of Trust between Ukraine and Slovenia: Partnerships that Inspire and Save Lives” was held over the last few weeks, bringing together heads of local self-governments of the municipalities of the two countries.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Slovenian municipalities instantly responded to the needs of Ukrainian municipalities, delivering basic necessities there. This summer, summer camps and internships are to be established between Slovenian and Ukrainian partner municipalities.

Viacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister for Communities and Territorial Development, expressed his deepest gratitude to the Slovenian people and the Government of Slovenia during the Forum. He emphasised how import it is for Ukrainians to feel the support of the countries friendly to Ukraine.

The Deputy Minister noted that it was the decentralisation of power and the reform of local self-government, in which Slovenia also actively helped Ukraine through the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, that made Ukrainian municipalities much stronger. The effectiveness of the reform has been proven by the strong level of resistance that the municipalities put up against the invading forces. This included establishing and support of Territorial Defence units, assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and continuous care of the people who are forced to flee from war, as well as provision of quality and affordable services for citizens despite the challenges.

Viacheslav Nehoda drew the attention of the Forum participants to the conditions in which local self-government of municipalities operates today: some work in the areas of hostilities or under occupation, some work towards mitigating the consequences of the occupation, and many municipalities, in addition to everyday tasks, work on supporting the rear.

“That is why the support from outside is important for all Ukrainian municipalities. We welcome every step towards new sister relations between our and foreign municipalities. I believe that the establishment of such relations will benefit both parties. After all, Ukrainian municipalities have gained unprecedented experience in ensuring the day-to-day functioning of territories,” said Viacheslav Nehoda.

Poland-Ukraine and Slovakia-Ukraine Solidarity Forums that were held earlier were aimed at highlighting the specific challenges of local self-government during wartime in Ukraine; presenting the best cases of support for Ukraine from friendly countries; promoting the creation of new municipal partnerships.

Previously, the Ministry for Communities and Territorial Development of Ukraine initiated the International Marathon of Local Governments that boosted the process of establishing sisterly relations between municipalities of Ukraine and those of other countries.


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Viacheslav Nehoda: We welcome every step towards new sister relations between our and foreign municipalities


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