Inter-municipal wonder. 16 municipalities of the Zakarpatya oblast are jointly constructing a waste sorting plant

The construction is to start this May in the settlement of Polyana of the Zakarpatya oblast, involving a German investor. Everything Is ready for it.

The Polyana municipality accomplishment is unique: it was the first to sign inter-municipal cooperation agreements with 16 (!) neighbouring municipalities on establishing a waste sorting plant, employing 80 people. The construction investment is € 12 million, 9 of which will be paid by the German investors, whereas € 3 million more will be obtained via a social and economic development subvention. All the municipalities, having signed the agreements, have allotted their part of the money according to the number of municipality residents to create the project documentation of the future plant, which is ready. They have also taken the responsibility for taking waste at their own expense from their municipalities to the settlement of Polyana, being a famous hydro.


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Закарпатська область


Полянська територіальна громада


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