Hospital districts and hospital councils: municipality powers and role

Ukraine has one of the least efficient among European countries health care establishment networks. Its problems are related to the lack of such establishments planning system, as well as the practice of sustainable cooperation of local municipalities with health care establishment heads in terms of their maintenance and development. So, the main element of the medical reform in terms of reforming and arranging the health care establishment network is approving of the Procedure for Establishing Hospital Districts and Hospital Councils. Hospital councils’ task is to analyze and plan the development of health care establishments, located in different settlements, neighbouring towns and villages, belonging to one hospital district.

Its key process is to create a common activity plan, particularly, how such establishments will develop not separately from each other but all together. The final objective is to ensure a complete complex of specialized medical services for hospital district residents. Responsible officials locally, via hospital councils, have to make it possible for health care establishments, subordinated to them, to function as efficiently as possible as a single system as qualified experts and funds of the National Health Care Service of Ukraine will go where there are a lot of patients.




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