26 March 2023
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The Forum of Local Leaders of the European Union – Eastern Partnership has been held

Decentralisation is at the agenda of the annual Forum of Local Leaders of the European Union – Eastern Partnership. The event, conducted on the Local Self-Government Day in Ukraine, involved about 100 participants from Eastern Partnership countries. The Forum topic is «More outcomes, better services: local public administration reform as an impetus of sustainable and inclusive development».

During the Forum special attention was paid to decentralization issues in Eastern Partnership countries, particularly, in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Participants also discussed the issue of updating the agenda of the Eastern Partnership initiative by the EU, taking into consideration local and regional authorities’ initiatives, as well as EU support and using the European experience while fulfilling the reforms.

The Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine presented the preliminary results and further steps of decentralisation. According to Deputy Minister Vyacheslav Nehoda, both reforms are transparent and at the same time multifaceted as currently Ukraine is undergoing sectoral reforms, being the basis of decentralisation. High outcomes of the reforms have become possible thanks to cooperation with many international partners, including cooperation with the EU.

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The Forum of Local Leaders of the European Union – Eastern Partnership has been held


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