Thinking of the youth: how the Yarmolynetska municipality will help kids with leisure

The Yarmolynetska municipality is the youngest one in the Khmelnytskyi oblast. It is only nine months old but within this period of time the municipality residents have managed to purchase communal equipment, to repair the rayon hospital, to install street illumination and to find investors to renew the abandoned canning plant functioning. Currently the municipality is being taught to care for the environment.

The municipality is taking care of the younger generation development. Music schools, kids’ clubs and art centres are working here. The municipality has a patriotic club for the youth «Cossack Sich of Yarmolyntsi». For four years over 250 boys and girls have been undergoing a military training, learning to survive under severe conditions. There is a plan to organize a camp to receive here more teens in summer.

The municipality needs UAH 800 thousand for the project, hoping to get UAH 500 thousand of the amount in case of the victory in Our Municipality competition. The Yarmolynetska municipality has already become a finalist and hopes to win in the competition to create decent conditions for the youth development.

The project details are available in the report by Vikna-Novyny.







youth Nasha hromada


Хмельницька область


Ярмолинецька територіальна громада


Наша громада

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